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General Information

Year of Study:
Study Branch:
Roll No:
Father's Name:
Mobile No:

    Are you  utilizing Bank Loan?          Yes   No

    If you are NOT utilizing Bank Loan what all is additionally applicable to you?

  • Hostel  Fee:  
  • Degree Fee:  

Instructions for Filling the Form:

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  2. Person utilizing Bank loan need to fill Bank Loan form only
  3. All  Persons not utilizing bank loan will fill the following forms:
    • Tuition Fee Form
    • Examination Fee Form
  4. Person utilizing Hostel facility will additionally fill Hostel Fee Form 
  5. Person in Final Year of the Course will additionally fill Degree Fee Form

Instructions for Printing:

  1. Use Potrait mode for Printing to get 2 copies of a challan on each page. 
  2. Print 2 copies each of the challan pages applicable to you, which will give 4 copies of each of the challan.
  3. The Students should make four copies of challan, after depositing in Bank, student will get three copies out of which he should submit two copies in accounts office and the third copy will remains with him.